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Welcome to Dre Paz’s official website, where art transcends boundaries. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dre Paz’s creations, where every note tells a story.Let the vibrant colors and intricate details ignite your imagination! :)

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Dre Paz, born Andre Paz in Denver, Colorado, emerges as a vibrant force in South Florida's pop scene. His candy-like sound, a fusion of Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B, captivates listeners with its infectious beats and melodic hooks. Growing up surrounded by diverse musical influences, Dre Paz developed a unique creative outlook, seamlessly blending genres to craft a signature style. With roots in the small mountain town and now thriving in the Sunshine State, his artistry reflects a dynamic journey, echoing the cultural mosaic that defines his music. Dre Paz's sonic palette and inventive approach mark him as a rising star in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary pop music.

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Stream “Late Night”

Dre Paz's 'Late Night' album is a captivating fusion of Pop, hip hop, and R&B, showcasing his versatile artistry. With 14 tracks, each song is a journey through the seamless blending of genres, creating a fresh and distinct musical experience. Dre Paz's soulful vocals and dynamic lyricism are the driving force, accompanied by beats that effortlessly transition between Pop's catchy hooks, hip hop's rhythmic flow, and R&B's emotive melodies. 'Late Night' explores the complexities of relationships, capturing the essence of late-night emotions. Available on all streaming platforms, this album is a must-listen for those seeking a genre-defying musical adventure.

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Clothing Company

Dre Paz Clothing Company merges fashion and music seamlessly. CEO Dre Paz, a pop sensation, brings vibrant energy to streetwear. The designs reflect the artist's lively persona, offering a unique blend of comfort and style. Each piece complements Dre Paz's music, creating a cohesive brand experience. From bold colors to trendy silhouettes, this brand is a fashion-forward extension of the artist's personality. A must for those who want to wear music-inspired, eye-catching streetwear.

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 Dre Paz

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